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SEM/PPC (Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click)

Instant Traffic that Matters!

Search Engine Marketing generates instant traffic to your website especially when there is a lot of competition in your field of business. With the right bidding strategy, you can reach the right audience within a shorter time frame.

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Cost-Effective Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is said to be the most cost-effective marketing strategy, as you can decide upon the marketing budget for your campaigns. Placing the best bet on the right keywords can bring in a good ROI.

Customized Targeting

Search Engine Marketing helps you target the selective audience you prefer. The level of control you have over your Ad in terms of physical location, interests, time, date, device type and other factors is high.

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The budget for your marketing campaigns should be well-defined. A clearly defined audience and right keywords bid should bring in instant traffic and business results.

Landing Page Optimization

The Ad that you run and the corresponding landing page should be in sync. Website visitors click an Ad link hoping for the right information. And if your business provides the apt information, you can achieve a great Click Through Rate (CTR).

A/B Testing

Google Adwords is the ultimate tool for A/B testing. You can create multiple Ad variations and measure their success with Google Analytics.

Monitoring and Gaining Insights

Monitoring Ads are much more important than running them. Understanding from where your traffic is coming, the types of devices used, the time of viewing and other parameters are important for streamlining your marketing strategy.

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