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ORM (Online Reputation Management)

Look better Online!

Online Reputation Management comes into the picture when businesses face harsh comments, bad reviews, complaints and turn up in search results for the wrong reasons. ORM helps counteract deceiving trends, and allows you to put your best foot forward.

Better Work Environment

Negative impressions and comments on a business affects the entire business system and the employees as well. This influences the way employees carry out their company tasks.

Improve/Repair your Online Reputation

“Reputation takes years to build and seconds to destroy.” ORM helps you determine how you want your brand to be seen online. ORM helps in overshadowing negative and irrelevant listings regarding your company.

One the same lines of SEO

In an SEO strategy, you would typically want to make a certain page rank as highly as possible.But with ORM (Online Reputation Management), you are more concerned about what shows up on that page. ORM aims at pulling down sites or pages that display misleading information.

Never Engage with Negative Comments

If someone writes negative reviews or comments about you or your business, simply don’t try to reply back to them. Even leave the urge to visit the negative pages. The more times you visit, Search Engines consider these pages as relevant information and start driving them up in the results.

Keyword Focus

In ORM, the keywords which have a reputation impact is given more importance. The primary goal of ORM is to make sure people looking for a particular information see relevant information, regardless of what site they decide to visit.

Use Social Media

Try building up an effective social media presence. People generally have a higher reputation for businesses with better social media presence and awareness. The more engagement that you are able to generate through your social media posts, the better will be your online reputation.

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