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Non-Profit Organization (NGOs)

‘Empower while you are empowered with Digital Marketing’

About This Industry

Non- profit NGOs are committed to improving the society and supporting the under-privileged. To be able to successfully perform their activities, they need a constant flow of funds which needs them to be visible and accessible to donors. Having a strong digital presence and helps NGOs reach large audiences with disposable incomes.

online marketing for NGO in Pune

We are a team of experts

In today’s world, a large number of people are constantly looking for information on the internet. This is an immense opportunity for NGOs to be able to create a brand awareness and promote their activities or programmes to potential donors.

We offer special rates for those in this space and help build a robust marketing strategy which involves a larger reach, increased awareness about your NGO, promote the social activities, and create awareness all of which will lead to an increase in donations.

SEO and Adwords

By far the best way to reach your target audience is having a strong SEO presence. We help you build a strong brand presence and rank high in searches. The more popular you are on the search results, more leads you generate for your NGO.

Social Media Marketing and Engagement

For a NGO, social media marketing and engaging with audience is very crucial as it helps educate people about your work and mission. Our experts will help you stand out tall and strong on all social media platforms which can help attract even influential people to your NGO.

Strong Content development

Having a strongly researched and curated content is essential for your brand. We help in developing fresh content for blog posts, informational videos and awareness material, all of which can increase engagement on your social media platforms.

Branding and Promotion

We help you build that brand which can attract donors of all types including those influential names which will further add to your brand strength. We do this by developing different forms of promotional events and advertising at the right places.

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