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‘Be accessible- Get Digital’

About This Industry

The healthcare industry is one industry which falls behind in terms of marketing strategies and innovations. The main reason for this is that the industry is majorly based more on patient outcomes rather than on marketing strategies. But, in the ever-evolving world of healthcare, the consumer is now becoming more proactive about health and resorts to online resources to acquire information about doctors, treatments, health plans and insurance. In this current scenario, it becomes imperative to be able to tap into the opportunity and go digital. The success of your healthcare organization depends largely on how strong your digital presence is.

Digital Services for hospital in Pune

We are a team of experts

With the digital revolution in the world, your patients are most likely looking for you online before they come to you. It is time to up your healthcare marketing game and shift to digital marketing.    

Our team of experts understand the needs of the healthcare sector and will help design a customised digital marketing strategy for your organization which include a range of services from setting up a website to ranking high in the search engines and establishing a strong brand presence.

Mobile Friendly Website Creation

We will help build a mobile- responsive, easy to navigate, SEO friendly website that will help your patients reach your doorstep. Having an easy to navigate website helps your patients to go through the different pages of your website and get what they are looking for.

Local Marketing

The smart consumer today researches extensively on the internet before making a decision. The best hospital, the best doctor, appointments are all easily available to the consumer on the internet. We will help you become more visible with our SEO services.

Social Media Engagement

The average consumer today can be easily targeted by engaging with them on social media. Having a socially strong brand image leads to more footfalls.


With your patients increasingly looking for information on the internet regarding treatment procedures or the like, why not provide them from your end? We help you create videos that are educational in nature and help your patients learn or become aware about treatments you offer, your facility, your doctors etc.

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Show your patients you are available when they are looking for you with our digital services.