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Email Marketing

Translate emails into Conversions!

Email Marketing is one of the most effective personalised marketing techniques. With a strong email marketing strategy, you can reach your target audience and connect with them in a personalised way and improve sales at a much affordable cost.

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More Frequent Communications

Emails take less time to create and send, giving the opportunity for businesses to communicate with their customers more frequently.

Easier Way to Track User Engagement

Monitoring emails is key to understand how many persons have opened the mail, replied to it or clicked on the link included in the mail. It helps in refining future email marketing strategies.

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Email Optimisation

Based on the database and insights, specific email content has to be developed that drives people to open the mail from the inbox and encourage click-through rate on the whole.

A/B testing

Which days of a week leads to higher open rates and what subject lines are effective involves lots of testing before zeroing in on the right strategy.

Action-Oriented Mails

Emails don’t just mean sending out messages. Emails with links to your website or presentation file can improve traffic to your website as well as encourage enquires.

Powerful Automation

Reaching the right people at the right time through automated emails is crucial for email marketing. Be it festival time or a customer’s birthday or anniversary, keeping in constant touch through automated emails is important.

Targeted Marketing. Not Blind emailing!

We get to know our clients, their target demographics and then work on a personalised emailing strategy that caters to people who are at different positions of a marketing funnel.

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