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Domain and Hosting

Build, Market and Grow your Website!

Registering a domain means you gain sole ownership rights to the name of your site and none other than you can access it. However, having a domain just doesn’t mean you can serve your website to the world. You need a domain name and proper hosting to get your website ready and running.

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Instant Brand Recognition

Domains are deemed “premium” and expensive if they are memorable and easy to spell. Once you have a domain that exactly does that, you don’t have to shape the users perception around your offering.

SEO Friendly

Many advertising services do not accept sub-domains, which means you are losing a big percentage of your revenue. Having your own reliable domain makes sure that you can carry out any kind of marketing activities with full liberty and yield maximum benefits out of it.

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The Perfect Domain Name

One important parameter that Google’s Algorithm takes into account for ranking a website is its domain name. It is must to opt for a name that reflects your business stream.

Ability to Scale

As your business starts growing, your website will tend to generate more traffic. The ability to scale to these advancements becomes increasingly important.

Great Hosting Solution

Amazon lost a whopping 5 million dollars just because their website went down for a 40 minute period. Your business might not be just as big as Amazon. But it’s still a loss of revenue. And therefore making sure you get the best hosting service is crucial.

Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service is important because you would want issues related to your website resolved as quick as possible.

The Best Online Assistant you Need!

Right from finalising on the domain names to hosting the website on our server, we are here to help the non-technical people with the needed expertise. We also make sure we help clients with their website downtimes. We can also take care of the online marketing activities and manage the campaigns based on client requirements.

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