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Verve Global Services


Project Detail

Verve Global Services is a leading provider of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services to companies in the US, UK, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. They provide customised RPO solutions which helps save the recruiting costs of companies. They even serve as an offshore recruiting team for any company across the globe. Verve got in touch with us to improve their conversions and ROI.


Since Verve provides companies the ability to outsource a part or whole of their recruitment services, we had a huge base to work with. Since the business was entirely based on B2B interactions, we built customised plans for LinkedIn. Frequent blogs and LinkedIn marketing made sure that a vast base of followers were attracted within a short duration. Our SEO strategies begun right from the website. We optimised the website as per Google SEO guidelines and ensured they were suitable for browsing in different devices.

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Exclusive Work / Noteworthy Additions

We made sure we were in frequent interaction with the marketing team of Verve Global Services. We frequently interacted on the effectiveness of LinkedIn campaigns and website based leads and found ways to improve the outcome of the campaigns.

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It was a different experience working with Verve Global Services. But our targeted SEO strategies and social media marketing techniques resulted in the following advancements-

  • Increased Online Presence with intended traffic and customers to the site
  • The count of leads and conversions increased enormously especially through LinkedIn campaigns.
  • More enquiries were generated by businesses filling in the form found in Verve’s website