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Survik Software

Survik Software

Project Detail

Survik Software is a IT services company dealing with development of customised software, IT consulting and offshore outsourcing solutions to enterprises across the globe. The offshore outsourcing solution reduces the risk and cost of an Offshore Dedicated Center. They wanted a global outreach in each specific streams of services. Gungcredo brought in the expertise of digital marketing services and was geared up to deliver.


Survik Software had this unique approach to their business activities. They were dealing with three streams of business and we had to help them with marketing strategies customised for each domain. But the one thing in common was that their target was B2B enterprises. However, the SEO and SEM approach towards these services were handled differently. SEM campaigns were run for their IT consulting services, custom software development and offshore consulting services with highly competitive keywords and well calculated bids. More importance was provided towards social media, especially LinkedIn where Survik Software could attract a lot of leads that result in conversions.

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Exclusive Work / Noteworthy Additions

We constantly engaged in the analysis of competitors and analysed their websites using free SEO tools. Even though we had higher rankings for relevant queries, we wanted to know how far the competitors were from the competition. We had a constant watch on the online marketing campaigns and revised our marketing strategies based on analytics data.

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Unlike many other digital marketing concerns, we had the capabilities and expertise to plan and organise multi-faceted campaigns to achieve the desired outcome, be it SEO or a combination of multiple online marketing activities.

  • Tremendous increase in the number of enquiries especially through LinkedIn
  • Helped Survik software with improved online visibility and digital presence of the brand
  • Fueled up the marketing strategies of Survik Software and made sure they were always ahead of the competition