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Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital

Inamdar multispeciality hospital Pune

Project Detail

Inamdar multispeciality hospital is based out of Pune and aims at providing the best healthcare at an optimal cost. Located at the heart of the city, the hospital is fully equipped with modern-day infrastructure and an elite panel of doctors and specialists. Inamdar Multispeciality hospital was facing the same issue that many other similar hospitals were facing. People aren’t really aware of the different healthcare facilities available and the team of specialists we had. This is where Gungcredo came into the picture. We took up the task of creating awareness about the several services available as well as improve the number of enquiries that resulted.


We had a series of sessions with a dedicated team of staff who educated about each and every service. The marketing person from the company informed us about the list of services that needs to be given more importance from a SEO / SEM perspective. This helped us refine the website content with highly competitive and result-worthy keywords. Our SEM campaigns were run within a well calculated budget supported by a strong landing page. We designed an unique approach to cover the social media audience. We several created awareness campaigns and also educated people on important health conditions around the world. We encouraged the team to bring in videos of patients sharing their experience and feedback of the healthcare service they received. This helped us generate more enquiries to the hospital and almost 92% of them visited the clinic.

SEO case study of Inamdar multispeciality hospital Pune

Noteworthy Additions

We helped Inamdar Multispeciality hospital in the overall framework of SEO, SEM and SMO strategies. We constantly remained in touch with the dedicated team from Inamdar to guide them through issues. We also provided them with information that needed to be fed onto the website. The blogs written by experienced doctors were value added by picking the right keyword combination. This helped in the SEO aspect. We collected periodic analytics data and reviewed them constantly in terms of what additions could be brought about to enhance the reach and awareness.

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It took a healthy span of two-three months to bring in results that contributed heavily to the advantage of Inamdar Multispeciality hospital. Here are the list of Ups that we could bring into the picture of Inamdar Multispeciality hospital –

  • Higher First Page Search Rankings for Relevant search queries.
  • Around 2800+ enquiries were generated through well-formulated SEO and SEM techniques
  • Social Media presence was enhanced and there were lots of enquiries made through Facebook