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According to Internet World Stats, there are over 4,208,571,287 internet users as of June 30th, 2018. This contributes to a little over than half of the world population. This number is only going to see an exponential rise with all countries advancing towards development. Businesses are looking at these numbers are valuable business opportunities. This is the main reason why companies are switching to digital marketing. A digital marketing certification with definitive knowledge on how its different concepts work for diverse businesses can mean a lot to anyone’s career.

The countries where Digital Marketing skills are in high demand are India, the U.S, Singapore, Dubai, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Egypt and Ireland. This just doesn’t mean that outside these 10 nations, there isn’t a real demand for digital marketing. Digital Marketing is a rapidly growing industry and soon will see many companies adapting it to their marketing strategy. In the coming years, the penetration of Internet, mobile sales and digitisation of business will see the rise in demand for digital marketing professionals.

In case you are totally new to this topic, here is a list of career opportunities that digital marketing can present you:

SEO Executive

Search Engine Optimization comprises unpaid techniques that improve the traffic to a website. SEO is an ongoing process and unlike Ad Campaigns, it requires a unique skill set to achieve noteworthy results. The most important part of SEO is link building. Only the basis of link building can be learnt. The application of link building is however unique from professional to professional. Having extensive knowledge of digital marketing will let them improve the ranking of any website. Companies which also includes digital marketing agencies are on the watch for SEO executives to cater to the SEO needs of businesses.

Search Engine Marketer 

Companies look for an SEM expert whose primary responsibility is to run an effective marketing campaign that yields the maximum leads within the marketing budget and takes into account extensive analysis and reports on the keyword research and content management. Companies prefer professionals who can get their offerings the immediate limelight it demands within the budget constraints. 

Social Media Marketing Expert

Social Media marketing can be divided primarily in two ways – spreading the content through social media platforms and running paid advertising on social media. According to, there are over 2.23 billion active Facebook users as of the second quarter of 2018. Instagram just surpassed the count of 1 billion active users in June 2018. Different social media platforms serve different purposes. It is the knack of a social media marketing expert to tap these opportunities and convert them into business.

The future is IoT (Internet of Things). Companies are building devices that are interconnected with one another over an internet connection thereby making it ideal for industrial and residential use. It is the job of digital marketers to analyse these trends using different digital marketing tools and mark the target audience. Digital Marketing is going to evolve every now and then along with parallel technological advancements. As new advancements pop up, it becomes the job of digital marketers to put it in the right pockets of marketing.

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