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Affiliates Marketing

Empowering Brands to Grow Online!

Affiliate Marketing is a Performance-based marketing model where the affiliates are paid only when a lead is generated or a sale is closed.

Cost Effective Marketing

Performance Based marketing lessens the amount you spend and reduces the risk of having a bad ROI.  You only have to pay a commission when value is generated.

Increases Brand Visibility

Affiliates can have your products and services held out for the online world to see. Being present on appropriate sites makes sure the exposure will increase exponentially by staying in tune with the targeted demographics.

Commission Structure

The best commission structure is the one that mutually satisfies both the business/individual and the affiliates. Both parties have to work on a commission structure which is based on the marketing cost involved, the price of the product, the level of reach required and the time frame.

Landing Page Optimisation

The landing page should be matching the creative a user just clicked on.

A clear WIIFM

WIIFM refers to “ What’s in it for Me?”. Give reasons for the target audience to click on the creative.


Being able to know exactly from where and when sales are made helps in fine-tuning marketing strategies.

Affiliate Marketing in a Mutually Beneficial Manner!

We understand our customers and build a robust and scalable affiliate programme for them to connect with their customers and ensure continuous revenue growth. We build a result-driven affiliate marketing strategy that provides mutually profitable results.

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